The original founders still own a large share of Infinited Fiber Company, but as the word of our technology and fiber innovation have spread, so too has our investor base. Today, we have a diverse international group of investors, including several of the largest global fashion and apparel companies as well as investment companies.

In our latest funding round, closed in March 2024, we raised 40 million euros with significant investments from new investors: Inditex, TTY Management, Youngone and Goldwin, in addition to existing ones. The first part of the round, closed in summer 2023, included investments from existing investors. Apparel companies H&M Group, adidas, BESTSELLER, and Zalando further reinforced their long-term commitment to Infinited Fiber. Also, investment company VTT Ventures participated in the round and investment companies Security Trading and Nidoco AB in both closings of the round, providing strong, continued support. The round´s second closing in March 2024 brought onboard new investors, including Inditex Group, the parent company of Zara and other brands, and TTY Management B.V, an asset management company privately owned by Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President and CEO of Fast Retailing, leading outdoor clothing manufacturer Youngone and Japanese premium sportswear manufacturer Goldwin. Today, Inditex, TTY Management and H&M Group are the largest shareholders of Infinited Fiber Company.

As we continue our growth journey and look to accelerate the deployment of our technology and of Infinna™ worldwide, we are happy to welcome new institutional and industrial investors to support us on our ambition to solve some of the biggest challenges in the fashion and textile industry.